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“Raja Ampat, one the those magical places in the world where life’s worries just seem to disappear.”

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Batanta Adventure Homestay can show you the wonders of Raja Ampats aquatic world and introduce you to new friends..


Batanta Island offers the adventurous the opportunity to explore the many wonders of nature

Explore Raja Ampat

One of the many great wonders of nature the Raja Ampat archipelago lies in the area known as West Papua, indonesia’s most eastern region.  Raja Ampat is known for its beaches and coral reefs rich in marine life. 

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Batanta Adventure Homestay offers you the opportunity to discover and explore the magic that is Raja Ampat and the unique island of Batanta. Join us for snorkelling, a scuba dive an exploratory trip on Batanta or just to kick back and chill out in this magical world.